The Anxious Writer

I know I’ve posted about anxiety before, but I’m an anxious person. I try hard not to be, and to fight against the overwhelming feeling of panic and worry and escalated, unlikely scenarios that build up in my mind, but sometimes I lose that fight. Even writing this right now, after months and months of […]

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Useful Tools for Writers

When I first started working on my novel, I struggled a little as I was unprepared in terms of knowing what tools I may need to make the creative process run smoother. So to save some of you the hassle of having to run around in the world wide web searching for which sites, software […]

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Music & Writing

When I first started writing I did it in perfect silence. Alone with my thoughts with only the sound of the keyboard click clacking, quiet worked for me. But then I started to experience prolonged periods of being stumped, the words stopped flowing and it became too silent. I’d read that listening to music can […]

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Overcoming ‘The Block’

“Nothing will work unless you do.”  Maya Angelou To be clear, I don’t exactly believe in such a thing as ‘writer’s block’. There’s no invisible wall that surrounds our minds and creativity, or invisible handcuffs that prevent us from getting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)… But even I am guilty of using ‘the […]

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