Planner, Pantser… Maybe a Planster

I’ll start off by explaining what the three P’s mean for any new writers out there who might be coming across these terms for the first time. “PLANNER”: this is pretty self-explanatory. It’s someone who outlines their plot, characters and world. Planners often believe that having a detailed outline will make the process of writing […]

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Drafts: How many is too many?

Before starting my first novel, I’d not given much thought to how many drafts I would need to work through to complete my story. I thought I would just write it once, edit it and that’s that. … This could be one of the reasons it seemed like such a daunting task for so many […]

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Thank you, 2018. Next!

For the last post of the year, I wanted to talk about self care and the guilty feeling writers might get when not working on their books. The last month of the year has been hectic! Nursery parties, family outings, festivities and getting to know the writing community on Twitter and Instagram. For the past […]

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