5 Things To Do When Not Writing That Still Benefit Your Story

When I’m taking a break from writing (whether I want to or my brain has just stopped producing words and feels like it’s about to have a meltdown), I feel like I am letting myself and my book down.

But I noticed that there are some things I can do when I’m not writing that still benefit my work when I’m back at it.

So here’s a quick list of everything that has helped me out:

1. Take a walk.

Fresh air really helps clear my mind and relax any tension that’s built up around my head. Getting outside also presents opportunities for new ideas. It could be a different person I’ve come across, conversation I overheard or scenery I’ve noticed, that gives me that little flutter in my belly when I’ve found something to add to my story. The walk doesn’t even necessarily have to be outdoors. Even walking around the house/apartment is beneficial because it gets me away from the laptop for a bit, giving me space to renew my thoughts.

2. Read.

When I’m not writing, I use any spare moment I have to read. I find a lot of inspiration and motivation through books that I feel a connection to. It’s also a great way, for a first time writer like me, to learn how the final edits of a book should be.

3. Talk to/meet up with a friend.

Even if I don’t specifically think or talk about my writing, I have a positive boost in my mood and I return to my writing space with newly charged confidence.

4. Listen to music.

I’m actually surprised at how much music has benefited my writing. I realized that when I’m listening to certain music, I can vividly imagine a scene in my story. Additionally, different genres of music create specific emotions that are so useful when I need to feel and make the readers feel a certain way during a scene or dialogue.

5. Nap.

We all need rest. I’ve found that even after a 20 minute nap I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go.

…And it’s just a good excuse for a midday snooze…

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