Productive Disorder


Staying determined and focused on your goals during chaotic days is definitely a challenge. But it is not impossible.

Being a mother of two small boys, it can be exceptionally hard to find any quiet time in my day to plan, work and write…Or even think. It almost feels like every second is filled with endless chores, constant noise and sometimes, I feel like I’m a human climbing frame.

Everyone has days where they feel it is just not worth trying to be productive, and eventually give in to the disorder.

But recently I had the small realization that whatever the quality or quantity of work I manage to get done, even if it’s not a big task that I’ve accomplished and just a few measly words, it’s still worth doing. It will be one less thing to do tomorrow, and one step closer to achieving your goal.

If it’s 30 seconds of noting down an idea whilst cleaning the house, do it.

If it’s a couple of minutes of reading aloud with a baby on your hip, to be just one page further into the book you’ve been trying to finish, do it.

If it’s 10 minutes at the end of the day, once the kids are asleep in their beds, to write only a couple of sentences for your draft, do it.

Every little bit of productivity you manage to squeeze into your day is better than going to bed thinking you didn’t do anything at all.

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