Planning – Part 5 (The Sciencey Bit)

This is the part that I have been dreading. Research regarding science is not my forte, but it has to be done. Over the past year, I have been freaking out about making the “virus outbreak” element of my story scientifically realistic enough (but also creatively fresh), that I was having serious second thoughts about doing it at all. But two things happened today that made me think, yeah, just go for it.

First, I came across a quote that basically said I should focus on the story I want to write, and not on what I think other people will want me to write. It makes sense. If I keep thinking about what other people want, I’m going to be constantly changing it up and never actually get to writing it. And if I were to write it in a way that’s not of my own desire, it would probably end up being crap anyway.

Secondly, a close friend of mine used her ever growing knowledge on biology to encourage me to think of infectious diseases from a different angle (which I won’t reveal here, as I don’t want to ruin the surprise). This conversation got my mind flowing with new ideas, and I’ve had to change some parts of the outline. But now the story is way more interesting.

Having my motivation levels raised by these two occurences, I wrapped up in a blanket, made a cup of tea and sat down to get on with it. I scoured the Internet for hours, reading medical journals, articles and publications, and even the odd is a zombie apocalypse really possible? website, and I think I’ve come up with something plausible for my story to keep progressing.

I’m going to keep looking into it while I continue to work on the outline. But I’m just happy that I overcame the resistance I had to get my hands (figuratively) dirty with science, and in one day I have built a basic foundation to step on.

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