Hey, it’s me.

It’s a grey, wet day in London and having spent the whole day at home with the kids, I haven’t been able to do much work…not for a lack of trying. So I thought I’d do something quick and tell you guys a little bit about myself.


My name is C. Gizem Arik. I was born and raised in North London.

From a young age, I loved to spend my time curled up in bed reading. It was the calmest moments of my day, when I was completely out of my own head and engrossed in whatever world the author had created. I could experience such vivid adventures with just a few words in a book. And that’s what I want to create for other people.

I love so many books from so many different genres that I really can’t say I have a favourite. But I think I can say that the author that truly amazed me with their imagination, and inspired me to put mine to good use, was J. R. R. Tolkien. So I’m also not surprised that my favourite movies of all time are the ones based on his books.

It would be crazy to imagine ever reaching his level…but it’s good to aim high.

Like everyone in the world, I’ve had bad times, good times, and times somewhere in the middle. And I’m hoping I can put all of it to good use through my stories and characters.

Do I ever think it would be easier to just go and get a job in a company for design and engineering, seeing as I’m already qualified for it? Truthfully, sometimes I do. But my heart’s not on it. I want to write. It’s funny, but I actually feel super excited every time I’m about to sit down and work on my novel. Even though I’m still on the outlining stage, seeing my ideas come together just makes me more eager to start writing up my first draft.

The only challenging part for me now (but also the best part of my life), is doing the amount of work I need to do whilst running around after my wildlings at home.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

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